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"The young child has one intuitive aim -- his self-development. He wants to do and see for himself, through his own senses and not through the eyes of an adult. He becomes a full person." by Dr Maria Montessori, 1870-1952

Muna Ajadi

Location: United Kingdom/United Arab Emirates


Nationality: British


Education: Master of Education (M. Ed.) Educational Leadership (Distinction), (University of

Gloucestershire, UK);

UK Qualified Primary School Teacher, PGCE/ QTS (University of Hertfordshire, UK);

Bachelor of Science (BSc. Hons) Psychology (inc. Child Development and Counselling)

(University of West England, Bristol, UK);

Certified Teacher of Jolly Phonics


Specialization: Home Education Consultant and English Teacher


Experience: Muna has over 23 years of experience homeschooling her own 8 children. Her

oldest son graduated from homeschooling and went on to study at a top British university in

Dubai. He graduated with First Class Honours from his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering in 2019.

Her other children also went on to study for their Bachelor’s Degrees in English,

Accounting and Finance; and Business and Management. Currently, her eldest four children

are: a writer/ homeschooling parent, an aquaponics engineering manager, upper primary

English tutor and a clothing brand entrepreneur. Now as a grandmother of two,

Muna continues to homeschool her youngest four children aged 7 to 15 years old.

Muna is also the founder and owner of the first UAE Licenced Educational Consultancy in

Sharjah, specializing in Home Education Consultancy. Based in Al Shams, Sharjah Media

City, United Arab Emirates, Tawakkul Educational Consultancy provides personalized home

educational consultations to families crossing the full range of education from toddlers to

university graduation, particularly supporting new homeschoolers.