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Pre-K Students Supply List

Pre-Kindergarten Resources and Stationery Supplies


Young learners will indulge themselves in art and craft activities throughout their early years. Although they may already have some stationery and toys at home, it is recommended that you invest and set up a  little workplace for them and provide them with some basic stationery for crafting and hands-on learning activities including  coloring, cutting, sticking, and creating while your child learns at home.

It is not essential that you purchase all the items on the list immediately. Supplies can be purchased when students are given related projects. You should, however, first dedicate a workplace for your child. Then organize his/her workplace so that he/she could have easy access to the supplies.

If you decide to use your dining table or a computer table, ensure that the child sits in a comfortable position that allows him/her to see the monitor and have comfortable access to the mouse and keyboard.  Children will be learning mouse control and it will be used for several activities online.

Home Supplies:


Crayons: A box of 8 or 16 triangular or jumbo crayons in standard colors can be easier for small hands to hold.

Water color paints and brushes:  Get washable watercolors or tube colors, puff paint, finger paint, glitter paint, or homemade paint. Purchase thick, medium, and thin paintbrushes. We will use the thick at the beginning of the year just for exploring the paint, then I use the medium, and then the thin ones later.  Choose a handle made of plastic rather than the metal and wood ones.

Play dough: Play dough can be either bought or made at home.     

Markers: A set of black and green washable standard markers and paper or mat will allow for easier clean-up. You can also use alternate things for mat or paper, all you need cardboard to recycle and a book cover to cover it. It will give a plain smooth reusable surface for your child to use markers on.

Colored pencils: In addition to crayons, children can have pencil colors if they are comfortable holding the pen. These could be purchased at a later date if required or after the child has control of the pencil, although a regular pencil will be used for tracing and writing alphabets and numerals.

Scissors: Young learners may require to use a pair of blunt or rounded-tip scissors. Most are designed for the right-handed, so if your child is a lefty, pick up a designated left-handed pair.

Smock: A smock or oversize T-shirt or an apron is used to avoid paint or coloring messing up the child’s clothes during art and craft activities.

Glue: Glue sticks are easier for Pre-K kids to hold and control, but not liquid glue at this stage.

Composition book or notebook: A composition book or notebook may be required for writing practice. There are handwriting books for kindergartners available in most stationery stores. If parents can also use the wide-ruled pages to provide more room, but the writing activity has to be pre-written for them to trace and practice.

Pencils: A few jumbo pencils can be easier for small hands to hold. If not, stick with the traditional No. 2 wooden pencils.

Pencil grips: Soft, rubber, prism-shaped guides slip onto a traditional pencil to help early writers get a better grip and develop correct finger position (tripod).

Erasers: Both stand-alone erasers and eraser caps (that pop onto the top of the pencil) are useful for removing mistakes on paper.

Paper: Purchase a ream of white A4 size paper or lined writing paper and a drawing book will be used for drawing and coloring projects and other assignments.

Folders/ portfolio: End of the day, you should store your child’s work in a safe place to avoid misuse or damage. The child’s portfolio of the various useful activities will remain as credentials from his/her early years. Therefore, a folder for each subject will be required to save your child’s work at home.

Pencil sharpener: A small, portable pencil sharpener can be handy for keeping writing utensils sharp so letters remain clear on paper.

Bags and Boxes: Just as you would store away their toys, keep your child’s stationery organized in transparent plastic boxes neatly organized and easy to access.

Backpack: As they move to a new phase in their lives, it would be encouraging and motivating for the young learner to own a backpack. Consider that a gift for taking the next step.

Supply Box: A plastic pencil box or bag is useful for holding hold pencils, pens, and art supplies.

Water bottle: Investing in a 12oz water bottle will be useful for them to carry whenever they go out on field trips or playgroup activities.

Targheeb Resources:

  1. The program will provide Targheeb’s own Pre-k workbook resources. While the program will provide selected worksheets, the worksheets are also available online to purchase.
  2. Brain Quest Pre-K workbook. To avoid breach of copyright, parents should purchase this book from a local bookstore.
  3. Children will have online access to leveled reading e-books that are designed with appropriate texts to strengthen their reading and comprehension skills online an American reading program recognized worldwide.
  4. Parents will also be required to purchase Alphabet (capital letters and small letters) and number (1- 10) writing books to avoid printing worksheets for practice.
  5. All other resources will be free of copyright.


Uniform: Children will not be required to wear a set of clothes or colors during the virtual class. They may present themselves, tidy and pleasant in class.