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Elocution Preschool (Primary), Elementary, and Secondary
by Sahida Kassim

Certification of the course: CALSDA, ALTEC or IWMS

Course Overview
Course covers English pronunciation, reading, integration and projection skills
will be improved through speech, poetry, reading, and bookwork and includes
preparing for accredited exams at CALSDA, ALTEC or IWMS.


Age Groups:
Preschool: 3.5  to 6 year olds and Elementary: 7 to 12 year olds:
Duration: 6 months (6 months inclusive of 3 months intensive and preparation for the exams) 1h per week (24 sessions and 24h in total)

Secondary: 13-16  year old’s:
Duration: 8-12 months/ 1.5 h per session ( 32-48 sessions and  48-72h in total)