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Teacher Training Courses

Teacher Training courses will be conducted by our Consultants specializing in teacher training.

Course Title:  Preschool Teacher Training
NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) Diploma

Classification of instruction – Vocational
by Sahida Kassim

Course ID: SBK001
Method of delivering the course: online/ classroom
Age: 18+

Course starting date:  January  and June annually  

Course Duration: 12 months/3 hours per week/48 sessions/ 144h in total

Certification of the course: Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC)


A ’level qualification

Good knowledge of English


Covers the full spectrum of early childhood education from birth through age eight. History, curriculum, program applications, and current trends and issues are examined. Course content is applicable to infant and toddler program, preschool program, kindergartens, and primary education.

Course Outline

How Children Develop and Learn

  • What Preschool Children Are Like?
  • Ages and Stages of Development
  • Individual Differences
  • Temperament
  • Interests
  • Learning Styles
  • Life Experiences
  • Culture
  • Special Needs

How We Can Help

  • The Many Ways of Learning: How Young Children’s Brains (and minds) Work.
  • Seven Essentials to Promote Children’s Learning.

The Montessori Understanding of the Child and Society

  • Montessori Psychology.
  • Concepts of planes of development and the features and needs of each plane.


Lecture and demonstration


Cooperative learning projects and activities

Student presentation

Videos and other audio / visual media (as required).


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Describe the historical, philosophical, psychological, and social foundations of early childhood education for the purpose of demonstrating an understanding of how these foundations influence current thought and practice.

2. Discuss the growth and development of a child from birth through the age of eight in physical, social, emotional, and cognitive areas for the purposes of:

Identifying typical and atypical behaviors and developmental patterns; and creating an environment that meets the individual needs of all children (with disabilities and special abilities).

3. Discuss techniques to guide children’s social development.

4. Describe the role of technology in early childhood education.


Lectures Title: Child Psychology  
A series of lectures designed for Teachers and parents
by Sahida Kassim

Lecture ID: SBK002

Method of delivering the Lectures: online/ classroom

Age: 18+

Duration: 24 sessions /2  hours per week/2 Months

Certification: Certificate of Attendance

 Course Overview

The course consists of building a healthy relationship with your child and inculcating love, respect, and discipline in your child’s life. Participants will also learn about heredity impacts or the environment they are born into. The course will cover a series of interesting and beneficial talks and discussions that will help build and help you understand your child.


Course Title: Elocution Teacher Training – Level 1
Accredited Diploma
by Sahida Kassim

Course IDSBK003

Method of delivering the course: Online/ classroom
Age: 18+

Course Duration:  6 months/ 2-3 hours per week/20 sessions (10 theory and 10 practical)

Certification of the course: CALSDA, ALTEC, or IWMS

Course Overview:
The course covers intensive grammar, reading, and writing practice. The course will also enable learners to be proficient in teaching the English language based on CALSDA, ALTEC, or IWMS standards. 


Course Title: English for Adults
by Sahida Kassim

Course ID: SBK004

Method of delivering the course: Online/Classroom

Age: 18+

Course Duration: 8 – 12 months based on the student’s requirement/ 3 hours per week/32-48 sessions/96h to 144h in total

Certification of the course: For participation only

Course overview:  
The course will cover a comprehensive plan of listening, writing, including basic letter/word sounds, grammar mechanics, basic sentence structures, reading, and spoken English.

Please refer to the free structure and Consultant details online.


Course Title: Arabic Teacher Training
by Ahmed Abdulkarim
Course ID: AA005

Method of delivering the course: Online

Age: 18+

Course overview: 
The Arabic Teacher Training course has been designed to train non-native Arabic teachers to adapt best
practices and techniques used by native speakers.
The program comprises of two parts. Arabic teacher personality as a foreign language teacher, and effective teaching techniques and
approaches to teaching different areas of the language such as reading, listening, writing, grammar, etc.
at different levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced.