Policy for Fee Based Students

The YMOH fee-based courses policy has been put together to eliminate some issues that we have experienced since the launch of the Fee Based courses in Sept 2016.

Once a parent(s) agrees to take a Fee-Based course, we at YMOH, assign a teacher to deliver the course(s) and block the WizIQ classroom and YMOH Schedule.

The advance payment of 12 lessons is made to guarantee the parents’ level of commitment towards the arrangements made on behalf of the student (i.e. resources, lesson planning etc.).


  • Once the student is enrolled in a course or payment is made, there will be no refund as the funds are used to support the ongoing free Islamic Elementary schooling.
  • The student(s) should complete the 12 lessons within the stipulated timeframe of 3 months or maximum 15 weeks which is equivalent to a semester.   This is because of the time and effort the teacher invests to prepare a lesson is to be taken into consideration.
  • PDF textbooks and other resources will be shared via Dropbox.
  • If the child is using a textbook other than what is used by YMOH, parents will have to provide scanned copies of the textbooks prior to commencing the lessons.
  • An excel worksheet with attendance and lessons will also be available for parents via Dropbox.
  • Completing and submitting homework is highly recommended. (Homework is compulsory in the YMOH program) and we would like to maintain the same level of commitment from parents in the interest of their child(ren).
  • On completion of 8 lessons, there will be a review but no exam unless it is desired by the parents.
  • Homework should be uploaded online the Students YMOH account and not the Dropbox folder.
  • Classes will be scheduled a day or a week prior to the class and parents are required to log into the child’s live class account to access the link.
  • Should there be no class link, parents should inform admin at least 8 - 12 hour before the class.
  • If the teacher arrives and there is no student, then the teacher will wait for 15 minutes and cancel the class, (it will be considered as 1 lesson for no show).   
  • If the student arrives and there is no teacher in the class, the student should wait for 15 minutes and leave. The student will be compensated with an additional class.
  • If the teacher or student experience technical issues while in class, the class will be rescheduled.
  • If the parent wishes to continue and renew the existing fee-based tutoring package, the same terms and conditions will apply.
  • If a class has to be cancelled either by the parent or Targheeb, then, a 24-hour notice should be given by either party.
  • Students should meet WizIQ requirements.
  • Students should wear a headset during the class.
  • Audio or video recording Targheeb’s YMOH classroom or forwarding and sharing of any of YMOH resources is against the YMOH is strictly prohibited.

The policy will apply to new enrollments effective August 2017.

Parents may visit the website to learn and adhere to other policies online which are also applied to fee-based students.

Jazaakum Allahu Khairan

Was Salaam
Rageeba Bary
Issued: Jul 2017

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