Do parents need to prepare their children for the course?
- Parent’s support is required and it would make this program succeed. 
- Parents can help Grade 1 to 5 students read books online through YMOH Reading Room.
- Parents might also take children on a little stationery shopping spree to buy them color pencils, crayons and coloring books, so they can occupy themselves at free times and feel in charge of their learning.

What is the format of the courses you offer?
- There are 2 classrooms of 8 -10 students in each classroom that meet for 1.5 - 2 hours, 5 days a week Sunday to Thursday.
- Class timings will be based on the UAE timings.  (+4 GMT).
- We would also provide in-house counseling for parents and students regularly.

Is the program accredited?
- No, we are looking into this matter for our students who complete grades 3 and above. However, we provide half yearly reports all grades.


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What is YMOH (Young Momins Online Homeschooling)?
-YMOH at targheeb.com is an online homeschooling program that offers free education in both Islamic and elementary subjects i.e.  Islamic and Arabic Studies, Quran with Tajweed, Language & Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.

How much do you charge?
--The Program is absolutely free of charge, and the package is offered exclusively for students who qualify for this program.

What is required to qualify?
- The applicant (student) should be a student memorizing the Quran and attending his/her local Masjid/Madrasaa and has no means to elementary education. 
- The applicant's age should be appropriate for the grade level at which he/she applies. 
- The applicant should have basic knowledge of spoken English. 
- The applicant should have access to a computer and internet service.    
- The applicant(s) must be Muslim.

When do the courses begin?
- The Academic term will begin in fall each year.

What is the process for applying and registering for this course of study?
- Parents must complete the online Student Registration Form, after reading and accepting the Disclaimerand then follow the instructions on 'How to Apply' carefully to apply online. 
- Once we receive the Student Application Form, we would review the application, interview the parents and release the parent undertaking letter to be completed, signed and returned to us with the student's passport copy.
- Upon receiving the parent Undertaking Letter, admin would provide the parent with the login username and password to access his/her child’s account for more information and commencement of study.

Will students be examined on the material they are taught?
- Yes. Periodic tests help us understand the student's progress and allow the teacher to address problems and help the students move to the next level of education.

Do we need books or anything other than the material available online?
- We provide each student free text and workbooks. The lesson plans, worksheets andother educational material will also be available online for parents to access. 

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