Kathleen Saud – Curriculum Development Consultant

Kathleen Saoud is from England.  She has a BSc in Biology and Environmental Science, a Post Graduate Certificate in Primary Education and a Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership.

Her professional experience extends over 23 years. She taught from nursery to Year 6 for sixteen years in schools in the UK before moving into school management. Her management positions have included Director of a Lower Primary School, Director of a Higher Primary School, Academic Consultant, teacher trainer, coach and mentor, curriculum developer and writer. 

Kathleen has extensive experience in training staff, particularly in areas of classroom management and also in teaching reading, writing, speaking, listening, phonics, Science and Math. She has also written curriculum materials that are used in many schools. 

Kathleen’s main professional interest is in preparing curriculum materials that are religiously and culturally relevant to young Muslims. 

Massrat Shaikh
Consultant & Educational Psychologist

Massrat Shaikh is from India. She has a major in Psychology and a post graduate degree from University of Mumbai.

After completing her post-graduation, she applied her field of study at various organizations in the capacity of a psychologist for several months before working as Consultant and Educational Psychologist at the American British Academy, Muscat. Her expertise in her field led her towards spreading her services for all international schools of Oman including British School and American International School, Muscat. The Ministry of Education Oman has recommended her as an Educational Consultant to all private and international schools in the country.

For an Islamic approach to her qualification and experience, Massrat was introduced to the Islamic Research Foundation at a very young age through her father who worked there as a Public Relations Officer. This intrigued her to associate with her religion deeply. She has been an active member of the IRF since then, craving to unite Psychology and Islam to divulge the austere secrets of human psychology. She extended her continuous supports to Targheeb’s Young Momins link, and continues to support the YMOH (homeschooling) program by attending Parent-Teacher meetings quarterly and writing on various issues pertaining to her field of expertise.

Massrat has now established her own consultancy services; Al Ahlam Education and Training Services based in Muscat and is also in the preliminary stages of setting up a Learning Disability Centre that will target on providing therapeutic teaching to students with learning disabilities.

She continues She continues to serve students with learning disabilities like dyslexia by forming educational programs for them and conducts presentations for teachers on learning disabilities.

Talent knows no bounds, so Massrat not only has religious background , is a psychological practitioner but also writes articles for local newspapers including Times of Oman, Muscat Daily, weekly Thursday Magazine and contributes to the Young Momins’ newsletter every quarter. Al Hamdulillah.

We wish Massrat the best always and pray that Allah give her success and may He increase her in knowledge and humility and reward her with what is best for her and her family in this life and the Hereafter. Ameen