Humera Mehmood - Curriculum Development Coordinator

Humera Mehmood, Indian, has a Bachelors of Arts in Islamic Studies.

She has two years of teaching experience, teaching Islamic Studies for primary level students organized by Kalemah Islamic Centre and other institutes in the United Arab Emirates.

She held the position of Operations Manager at Kalemah Islamic Center ‘s ladies section for nearly two years. Besides heading the section, organizing and managing the division, she was also responsible for the center’s weekend program for children, which included identifying the Islamic studies Curriculum, staffing, resourcing and managing the entire program.

Humera is a dedicated volunteer and has participated at various Islamic seminars & events held in the UAE.

At Targheeb’s Young Momins Online Homeschool, she takes on the position of Curriculum Development Coordinator to assist the management team in the area of curriculum development, teaching and provide classroom administrative assistance (supervisor) as a volunteer.

Hafiz Saad Uthmani - YMOH Program Coordinator

In addition to his current role as teacher, he also takes on the role to assist in the administration of the program.


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