How The Quran Shapes The Brain

“If it wasn’t for their political problems and constant fighting between each other, the Muslims would have been on the moon by the 1400’s” was the statement made by a non-Muslim professor in a 400-level undergraduate class on the history of science. It seems that the rate of discovery and advancement in science achieved by the Muslims was quite impressive and has yet to be replicated. What was it that they were doing that allowed for their fast progress?

The teacher in me immediately thinks about their education system, and the neuroscientist in me wants to examine the factors


Elementary Education and Motivation in Islam Perspectives of Medieval Muslim Scholars, 750–1400 CE

Description Motivation––both the act of motivating and the psychological state of being motivated––plays an important role in the education of children. This is a notion that a considerable number of medieval Muslim scholars addressed in their writings, albeit to varying degrees and through a variety of approaches from literary to legal, and philosophical to psycho-spiritual). Although medieval Muslim scholars expressed notable ideas about motivation in elementary education, there has been limited research on how their views developed in context. Despite past and present Muslim scholars emphasizing the importance of elementary education as a platform for adult learning and proper conduct, this field has received sparse attention in works on the history,


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Procrastination in ADHD Children


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Children's Guide to Sunnah

Childrens Guide to Sunnah

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